Planning & Process

We firmly believe that the pre-planning stage of a project is the key to its success. That is why we go to great lengths to ensure that all drawings and plans are submitted on time and with accuracy.

Planning Stages

We liaise fully with the customer to evaluate their requirements and advise them accordingly. We take care to survey all buildings and create the best and most individualistic working environment for all our customers, using all the available resources.

We take full account of:

  • Health and Safety
  • Customer brief and budgets
  • Building location and services available
  • Personnel and practical space planning
  • District surveyors and planning regulations
  • Environmental – lighting, power, air conditioning, ventilation
  • Telephone/Data systems
  • Office ergonomics
  • Telephone/Data systems

Planning efficiency

At L&C Contracts we fully realise the benefits of a well designed and appointed installation, taking full account of the space available and the client’s individual needs.

We have found through experiences that there are many benefits in a one stop shop solution

One Stop Shop

The director who undertakes the tender / quotation process will be assigned to your project taking the work from inception through to completion liaising with all necessary parties involved to deliver your project to your complete satisfaction

This approach has helped us to establish long and lasting relationships with our clients, who go on to place repeat business

Building Process

The Building Process

The building process will be managed by a resident L&C Contracts Architectural Manager, who reports directly to our Managing Director


Your manager will be responsible for liaising with the Design Team, the site environment, Safety, Logistics and providing the information flow to manage the planning, progress of the works, establishing safe methods of working and general day to day site activities

Our Manager will be supported by an experienced in-house team of Designers, Surveyors, Services Managers, depending upon the scope of the works

Our Process

  • Mock-ups and Samples
  • The provision of mock-ups and samples will assist in achieving the required quality of finishes
  • A programme will be developed indicating when each mock-up or sample will be required taking account of procurement periods and the anticipated commencement dates on site
  • Sequencing of the Works
  • The sequence of activities within specific rooms will vary depending upon the trades involved and the extent of services installations. A finishing programme will be developed to identify the inter-relationships and co-ordination of each of the finishing trades and services installations
  • Service routes through buildings need to be carefully considered in conjunction with adjacent finishes and joinery



It is important that the finishes are progressed in a structured way, to an agreed sequence and creating the right environment in which they can be progressed. By adopting the correct sequence and providing the right environment it will help to achieve the quality required for a residence of this nature.


Plastering, fibrous plaster and joinery are all key finishing trades. Their interface with other trades and services installations is particularly important.

Protection of Finishes

Protection of finishes, joinery and equipment will be rigorously enforced during the finishing stages of the works

Time and Testing Services

Modern complex services installations require that sufficient time is allowed for commissioning and testing of services installations.

Commissioning Programme

A commissioning programme will be established by L&C Contracts at an early stage to clearly identify the sequence and timing of each element of the commissioning process.

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